*Prices only valid for 120 or fewer guests and in the Chicago Metropolitan area, Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays).
Please contact us if your wedding is not in the Chicago Metropolitan area or have more than 120 guests for a quote.
$1 million Liability Insurance.
Prices are subject to change.

3 hours
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  • 3 Hours Rental
  • Set up and Transportation*
  • Unlimited Prints
  • Customized Design Layouts
  • Friendly Attendant Dressed for the occasion
  • Can fit up to 11 adults
  • Fun Props Included
    (Feel free to bring yours)
  • Free Online Gallery
  • Professional white backdrop
3 hours
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Social Media Kiosk Station (Venue must provide WiFi) It helps to keep the line moving by giving guests an opportunity to share their photos via Email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Reprint, INSTANTLY right from the kiosk.

4 hours
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  • An extra hour to make it a 4-hour rental event
  • Photo album/Scrapbook
  • Flash Drive with all composited and raw photo files of the event


We have a compact photo booth that unlike most of the market has a sleek and elegant black finish.

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Integrated with the latest digital technology to deliver the highest quality in your photographs, fits up to 11 guests without compromising the quality of the pictures.

It consists of a camera reflex and HD video with high-quality definition, has a touch screen of 22 inches where you can see yourself before, during and after each session with adjustable light and flash for dark places, you can also print your pictures on an industrial printer whose printing is just 10 seconds.


Accessories/props are not needed but they are a fun way to give that touch of happiness to your event.
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If you want a super glamorous event, the props are not recommended as our natural and professional photo booth takes photos in high definition.

But, if you want a less sophisticated and fun event, props/accessories are the perfect combinations for your guests to take the best memories home.

Unlike other companies, we have a wide range of real props (not those of paper with a stick)


The photo album and dedications are certainly beside the social media station, a nice touch to events such as weddings.
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We will print one extra copy for the guests to add to the album.

This way the couple can now enjoy a nice memory the same day of the wedding.
Your guests will have the option to glue a photo in the photo album accompanied by a signature and a dedication if they like.


Each package includes a white professional photographic backdrop which enhances the most important part of all: your guest’s faces and reactions.
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Other companies use the typical old and ugly square cabin (closet style) with a Webcam and a small monitor where it is difficult to see yourself and a home printer.

Without adequate lighting and a professional backdrop like ours to highlight your guests, the result compromises the overall picture quality.


Our department of designers will help you choose the best custom design for your photos.
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First, we will give you the option to choose between a complete picture size of 4×6 or 2 strips.

Then we will choose the number of photographic shots per session you want between 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Finally, we have a large variety of designs to add their names and the date, simply choose one.

If you need a more advanced design as logos, etc … we can discuss the possibilities. We adapt to your needs and advise you in a fully personalized way for you to be delighted with our services and for all your guests to take away a pleasant memory of your happiest day.


We want your event to be worry free to be worry-free.
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A friendly and professional attendant dressed for the occasion will be present at all times during the event to manipulate the photo booth and ensure that everything is fun, professional and runs smoothly.

Will help with copies, props, album and give suggestions if necessary in your guest poses.
Remember the attendant is there to help and make your experience with MYLA Photobooth unforgettable.


The Open Air – Social Media Kiosk is available to be added to our Open Air Booth.
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It helps to keep the line moving by giving guests an opportunity to share their photos via Email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Reprint, INSTANTLY right from the kiosk.

It’s a great addition to really wow your guests at your next event and give them the option not only to keep a hard copy but also a digital one!

Note that WifI from the venue must be provided in order to make it work.


We create a free online gallery where your guests can see all their photos.
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The most popular is to create a folder on Facebook with all the pictures where you and your guests can download the photos, share them, tag themselves and comment.

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